Elsie Turns Two

When Elsie's momma mentioned princess dresses and a tea party in her bedroom, I was stoked. There's really something to love about a lifestyle shoot that just cannot be captured during picture-perfect posed sessions (especially with a two-year-old). That something is rawness.

Rawness makes me happy. Rawness keeps me going when I am sorting through 649 photos at 10:30pm on a Tuesday because that's the only time my children allow me to sit. Rawness gives me ideas. It's what I'll find myself squealing awkwardly about during the middle of a shoot while looking at the back of my camera. Rawness keeps me out of a creative rut when nothing has really been speaking to me.

Two-year-olds are the definition of rawness. They are totally themselves and that's precisely why I love a lifestyle children's shoot. Mom and dad will look back at those photos and remember little details that used to be. Remember when she used to make that face? Those curls? The way her room was decorated? How much she loved to dress up?