Emmy Louella | Six Months

Since Emmy's newborn session I have crazy loved the May's home. I found myself taking in all the little details and thinking of all the things that beautiful, historic home has seen. How many little feet have pitter pattered on the gorgeous wooden floors? How many babes have been hoisted onto the counter top to have their boo boos doctored and kissed? How many hands have clutched to the stair rail to climb to the second level? How many different styles and era's of music or rings of laughter have filled the rooms?

So, while I live for warm, spring, outdoor, golden hour sessions, I wasn't upset to shoot indoors last weekend with the Mays. We ventured out of the nursery this session and for good reason! There are just so many gorgeous features in this old home and there's something sweet and special about capturing your little one in the home they grow up in.

During Emmy's newborn session we incorporated some family heirlooms including her momma's soft, white, and still in pristine condition, baby blanket. For this session Momma had a couple of smocked dresses from her babyhood she wanted to put Emmy in. Ummm, yes please! These were also in mint condition even thirty years later. (Way to go, Grandma!)

History, heirlooms, babies... my heart could explode. Emmy Lou was a perfect little client. She's sitting, crawling, curious and oh so pretty.